The Grogoch, Catahoula Ailoa, Deseyr

Bonded: 11-03-10

Bonding: Samhain - Maeko

Rank: Catahoula

Gender: Female

Oh suuuure, you've never heard of a female Grogoch. That's really a shame, seeing as she is so unique and rare. All she requires is a little bit of cream and she'll happily tag along wherever you want. This Catahoula is quite social and selfless, helping out anyone that she deems needs it (although, she may not come to your aid if she doesn't like you for one reason or another). Don't get too close, however- she is incredibly defensive of her bonded, and may attack anyone that's not a part of her family. As a side note, she's also terrified of clergyman, and will blatantly refuse to enter into a religious home or building.

In terms of looks, she's something of an oddball, more of an Aidi than she is any proper rank of Ailoa. She'll happily get dirty exploring a cave or sleeping in a hole in the middle of winter. Temperature and cleanliness don't matter much to her, although she does clean up nicely. Once the grim and sticks have been untangled from her fur, she's an elegant little creature. Her pelt is a light, light orange laid over by a patchwork of dark and bright reds. Her left eye is covered by a cherry-red heart, the one describable mark on her body. Her blonde bangs are always parted to one side and her mane falls gracefully in similar fashion, and the fur around the base of her feet tends to be rather feathery, unless a bond has pity on her and decides to keep it trimmed for want of not inducing tangles.


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