Night Guard Calum Familiar Garron

Bonded: 10-01-10

Bonding: The Night Filled With Lanterns - Maeko

Rank: Calum

Gender: Male

Species: Pyrenean Mountain Dog

Personality: He is unhurried and balanced, turning to a low snarl or growl on the rarest of occasions- heck; he barely displays any emotion at all. It’s unbecoming to whine and beg, and often a sign of weakness, so relaxed and a little robotic he may be at times. Sure, it’s sad that the Aluna over there got eaten by a Hippogryph, but it’s nature and he understands that. At least, that’s how he used to be. Bonded to T’Rae, he is no inherently aware of her feelings sometimes even before she is, and cannot block himself from mirroring her emotions. If she’s sad, he will be sad, if she is neutral, he, too about something, will be neutral.
He is a guardian, thus finding something he fears (possibly a bath), is quite difficult. Thieves, marauders, bears, Ikal’daka- he is not afraid of any of them and will challenge them to a fight should they make harmful gestures towards T’Rae. Yet he is not stupid, and can assess any given situation easily enough to figure out if it’s even a good idea to go launching yourself into a five foot seven inch canine’s face. Yet if they are harming T’Rae- he will do it, readily sacrificing himself for her out of the most unselfish of loyalties. He never asks for anything in return, despite being a constant presence and giving all that he can to you.
Set in his ways, this Familiar has his opinions about just about everything and will not hesitate to interrupt and tell you that his way is in fact better, and here’s why. It might get annoying, but Garron is rarely wrong and doesn’t usually speak up unless someone needs to be put in their place, or is going to get themselves killed. Around T’Rae though, he will confide everything, and has no problem getting into disputes about whether or not she’s allowed to go somewhere ahead of him. His views are as hard to change as T’Rae’s- but nobody said an old dog can’t ever learn new tricks.

Description: He looks quite strong with all that fur and flesh, with an elegance brought out in his movements- which are never wild and imprecise. Most of his power is in his hind quarters, from which he is able to spring and make fast movements needed in the life of a sheep-herding dog, The Pyrenean Mountain Dog. In coloration he is light silver, solid from his head down to his toes. His eyes are a dusky gray, dark and thoughtful.

Why This Animal: A dog is a most interesting choice, not to exotic, overly common. Yet they obeyed authority well enough and were easily trained, with had an unerring sense of hierarchy that could occasionally be disrupted. Out here on Whazzit, as with other planets, most canines will assume a leadership role if they think they have to, and T’Rae, without her captain or others, has done just that. Troublesome it may be, but a dog can adapt to both situations rather well, but remains loyal throughout. In tune with instinct, it is able to use logic in evaluating a task, and often believes that it will eventually come to the right answer through persistence and more thought. Yet it does have some emotional side and great knowledge of it, often playing to the weakness of its companion. Emotion or logic? The dog can decide which to use properly. Yet what dog? Tracking only goes back so far- and the exact purity of some species just simply can’t be known. In that case many decide that if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, well, it must very well be a duck. T’Rae herself looks like a Vulcan and acts like one- so would there be any justice in assuming the form of something decidedly a mutt? Of course not, not when Garron is so tied to her in more ways than one. So purebred he became (at least he looks like one!). But which? There are so many!
Taking charge comes naturally to T’Rae, so should not he too be a leader? Dogs which herd livestock are given free reign over their herds, protecting them and doing as they see fit. They do answer to someone- but it doesn’t mean that they aren’t occasionally stubborn. Intelligent and fine learners, it’s no surprise that the dog can move with precision to get the exact result he was hoping for, be it a situation that requires slow or quick thought. With that air of command and some height to her, the creature must then be something of similar stature.
Perhaps because of T’Rae’s crisp appearance, this Familiar found himself coiled up in a coat of thick, almost-white fur. On that note it may be some clever little poke at her neatness and lack of control over her own hair, for his immaculate pelt takes much work to maintain and is not going to just fall all smoothly around him as though things like wind don’t exist. It will get tangled and need to be brushed, but there’s something appealing to it regardless, just as there’s something to be said for uniformity.

Garron?: It’s true that Garron could be taken as the name for a despised beast, but only by those who have come to know his wrath. To T’Rae his name is French in origin, meaning “guards” or “guardian” which is precisely what he aims to do. The slight lilt of a French accent in his gruff tones makes itself known most readily when he is in the midst of protecting those he holds dearest to him. He’d prefer this other side (some joviality and sophistication) to remain hidden, coming across as cold and even aloof at times.

Mindspeak: #413839

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