Watched By Ducks Columba Antidea

Bonded: 10-31-10

Bonding: They Did The Mash - BPSP Redeemed

Rank: Columba

Gender: Male

This poor little Columba is under the impression that Our Lady is actually a duck. How he came by this idea no one can quite say, this is just what he's always thought. The Lady is a duck and ducks are her chosen children. It is the job of the ducks to watch all Flamma and report their actions back to the Lady, for no Flamma who walks Planet is pure enough for the Lady to look on personally. Because of this Antidea is perpetually afraid of the ducks finding him, and if he sees so much as a set of beady eyes he will disappear into the nearest hiding place.

He also has a very distinct stutter.

For a Columba, Antidea is particularly bright. His purely yellow coat can blind anyone if they stare directly at him for too long. He is a very leggy and tall, making it somewhat difficult for him to hide. Not that this has ever stopped him though.

Mindspeak: #FFE303

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