The Lady Wraith Gryphette Shani

Bonded: 6-22-09

Bonding: Another Sunny Place -- Maeko

Rank: Wraith

Gender: Female

Oh yes, she's very petite and very, very pretty. With some of the best manners in the company the Lady is easily regarded as a well to do, respected creature. She's elegant and courteous, formal and quite domestic for one that's spent her entire life in the wild. Caring and kind of heart, the Lady makes for a good friend, and is often the listener and caretaker. Now, that doesn't mean she doesn't have fun and is as stuffy as an old attic in the dead of summer- quite contrary! The Lady loves having fun (she's a bit of a flirt, too)! Like any good woman though, you have to meet her to really see how spectacular she really is! <3

While she might be small, this Wraith certainly makes up for it by attracting tons of attention to her (and as one of the few females in the group, she needs to stick up for her gender!). Her feathers are a sleek, glossy black, and shapely as the Red-Winged Bird. The red and yellow of the bird is replaced on her by a soft lavender and purple. The Lady's wings are struck through with little stars of Heliotrope, and one star winks over a silver eye. Svelte haunches are a deep velvet black, and wisteria markings twist along her toes and down her lion's tail. She's a bit girly and has managed to avoid doing too much work in life- as she is quite good at getting others to wait on her without them knowing. An innocent, sweet chirp here, a little nuzzle there, and presto! She's got what she wants. Being small and delicate, it's a great adaption.

Mindspeak: Doesn't Speak

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