Virtuous Dignitary Purple Phoenix Danala

Bonded: 6-22-09

Bonding: Once in a Lullaby - Maeko

Rank: Purple

Gender: Female

As regal as an empress, this Purple is a usually soft-spoken but constant presence, firm in her resolve and ever graceful. Above all else she both exhibits and prizes loyalty and honesty, for she is entirely without corruption or sin of any kind. She is a forgiving soul at heart, but her sense of duty and strong beliefs make her somewhat judgmental. As a side-note, she absolutely loathes snakes and serpentine creatures such as Serpens and Asids. Brave as she is, she will not hesitate to attack them should she consider them to be a threat to her dearest bond, T'Rae.
Fenghuang (or Huang, as she is the female counterpart) is a splendid creature to behold, ornate and utterly beautiful. Being of the smallest rank, she is a petite thing but quite elegant. Her build is as swift and agile as the swallow, her body coated in a softly metallic flame. Her neck is thin and supports her finely shaped beak and face, while her torso is slim and slender and gives way to long legs and dainty talons. Deep purple masks her eyes and runs down her back and out to the base of her slender wings. A black hue circles the base of her throat, the underside of which is a pale lavender that blushes all the way down her chest and disappears into her long tail. Her flight feathers are a light shade that's somewhat of a mix between pink and purple to soften up her appearance. The most striking feature though is what is saved for last- her eyes, which are a sharp, lucky emerald.


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