Tree of Knowledge Root Seedmorph Sakar

Bonded: 10-05-10

Bonding: The Magical Garden - Estrella

Rank: Root

Plant: Mango Tree

Gender: Male

This Lord is respectable and impressive. He is intelligent, carrying himself with a knowing maturity and calm. This can go over the edge a bit though. With his carriage comes a sense of intense self-confidence, nearly falling onto the side of cockiness. He’s nerdy—he loves books, learning all he can about anything and everything. He enjoys spewing random facts and is fine with not getting out of the house much. And he has standards for those who he accepts into his circle of friendship. He’s such a fantastic guy, so naturally he wants to be around other exceptional people. You should be smart, mature, and generally as thoughtful as he is. This Root expects you to be able to carry on a deep, intellectual conversation with him. Those who manage to earn his respect will be rewarded with absolute loyalty and honesty—it’s just a matter of convincing him that you aren’t an idiot. Still, sometimes he’ll put up with others that annoy him just to boost his own sense of dominance. He likes feeling like he’s better than everyone else. And behind all of it, he really does have a kind heart.
The first thing you’ll notice about this boy is that the roots on top of his head are thin, wispy, and all intertwine intricately to form a figure that (if you stare for long enough) scarily resembles a human brain. His tail is made up of the same long, skinny roots that are plentiful among this Lord. His ‘ear’ roots are very bendy and moveable, tall and hardly thicker than the rest of them. All of these are a gentle grey-tan in color, much paler than his coat. Most of his fur is a rich, orangey-brown that seems to ooze life and freshness. It’s exceptionally pretty when in the sun. His paws look like they’ve been dipped in a dark, much less shiny tan. There is also a thin line of the same color running from his headpiece, down the center of his back, all the way down to his tail. You’ll notice his intelligent eyes are also dark tan as they lock onto you with that serious gaze.

Mindspeak: #A56B3D

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