The Hierophant Diamond Seraphaline Chryst

Bonded: 08-06-09

Bonding: In The Cards - Zee

Rank: Diamond

Gender: Male

A seeker of knowledge, this lord tends to be quite formal and disciplined. He has his own routines, which he adheres to religiously, and will likely attempt to set up certain routines in the household of his bond as well. And, undoubtedly, he will attempt to educate the others of his household as he has taught his siblings to be thoughtful and virtuous. He is very learned already, absorbing knowledge from anyone with knowledge to give, helped by his natural talent for reasoning and contemplation. Approach him if you seek sound advice and wisdom, for he is happy to dispense it. Beware his wiles, however, for if he will not hesitate to spin his advice to fit his desires, and although at first impression he is a trustworthy, gentle beast, there lies beneath a manipulator. He will not hesitate to bend the truth and will be ferocious in bringing down those who wrong him with his knowledge.
He is fairly small for a lord, but is nonetheless a stunning beast. This Diamond has the body a Sumatran tiger and the dark, narrow stripes also, but his pelt is snow white otherwise, crisp, clean and quite soft. His wings, however, are spectacular gold, the feathers almost shining with the metal’s lustre. His pure, sparkling gemstone has a slightly bluish tint, and is set above keen green eyes.

Mindspeak: #F0FBFF

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