Avada Kedavra Shadow Shadowguard Reah

Bonded: 6-22-09

Bonding: A Night of Magic and Mayhem - Cassanova

Rank: Shadow

Gender: Female

The Avada Kedavra Shadow is not at all like her Crucio brother. She doesn’t kill for the pleasure, she does it because she has to. She can often times be found alone under a tree watching those around her with a bored and sometimes pained expression. When asked why she acts the way she does the reply one will get is it is because she feels she is the Reaper. She must kill to keep the circle of life spinning and as the Reaper she cannot form friendships with those around her. Eventually they will die by her or by another and then they will be no more. When she spots something with what she deems to have ‘No higher purpose’ she will immediately kill it. That basically means those who cannot think as she does. A rabbit, a mouse, an ant anything that she does not see worthy for life can consider itself dead. No one can change, or understand, the way she thinks. So don’t even try.
She is a dim gray colour not nearly as dark as her Nox sibling though she doesn’t much care for complete blackness. Her eyes are just as plain a slightly lighter gray. Her muzzle is a light pale gray sprinkled with freckles of the darker colour and the tips of all paws are the same light gray as her muzzle. On her right shoulder there seems to be the faint outline of a floating misty skull. She is of medium size and build and would she considered lazy and drab by the way she looks and lays around. Ah well. She never asked for anyone to be interested and it’ll be a wonder if she bonds, honestly.

Mindspeaks: #696969

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