A Strange Silver Dwelling

As you stumble through the forest, one you weren't expecting to be stumbling through, you come across a clearing. In the center of that clearing stands a great, wide tree. A ramp runs from before your feet up to a strange, metal box nestled in the center of the tree. Expanding around that appears to be a treehouse, rooms and hallways sprinkled throughout the trees branches.

The unusual door slides open as you approach, permitting entrance to the unusual metal box. You seem to have stumbled upon the shuttlecraft that crashed into the Planet’s surface not too long ago. As you walk closer, intending to enter, a tall woman appears in the doorway, her unusual hair flashes shades of purple and gold like a heartbeat. In her hand is an unusual device, somewhat like a gun, and though her face gives away no emotion you can feel an air of fear and anger about her. But once her dark eyes settle on you, seeing you alone and unarmed, she hurriedly puts the device away. You chose to say nothing of it; it is obvious she is hoping you didn’t see it to begin with.

“Greetings.” Her voice is even, emotionless, and she inclines her head in an unusual manner before straightening it back up, you can only assume it is a greeting of her culture. You attempt to mimic the greeting politely, introducing yourself.

“It is an honor to meet you, I am T’Rae.” You smile and apologize for startling her, explaining that while you were wandering about the woods and lands the PIF kicked in and decided to change the landscape, leaving you rather lost.

“I understand. It has happened to me on occasion. I have often relied on Danala or Belize to guide me back home.” T’Rae says, her face now showing a small smile, “Come in, Sheena and Belize are not home right now, but one of us could get you back to the Weyrd if you do not mind walking.” T’Rae turns and disappears back into the unusual craft obviously expecting you to follow. Since it would be rude not to, and you find yourself tired and thirsty from wandering around anyway, you enter behind her. The interior has no proper walls, but segments of the small area and divided by blankets and sheets into rooms and sleep quarters, certain parts of the walls are also covered, you get the feeling they’re hiding something but you have no idea what that could be. T’Rae gestures to a group of chairs that have been pushed together to form a sort of couch, obviously wishing for you to sit, jumping at the chance to rest your tired feet you sit down.

“I am sure you must be thirsty, I believe we still have a surplus of water in our supplies…” T’Rae disappears amongst the make-shift walls, returning shortly with a bottle of water. Gratefully you thank her for the water and drink it down quickly. It is then you get the eerie feeling of someone watching you. Glancing around you are slightly startled to see an unusual shadow pulling up off the floor and solidifying. It is then you realize it is simply a Shadowguard, most likely Bonded to T’Rae.

“Ah, Reah.” T’Rae nods to the Shadowguard, “Allow me to introduce you to my friends…”

By Name


Wraith Gryphette Shani 06-22-09

Purple Phoenix Danala 06-22-09

Shadow Shadowguard Reah 06-22-09

Male Crackling Nirak 08-02-09

Diamond Serapheline Chryst 08-06-09

Calum Familiar Garron 10-01-10

Root Seedmorph Sakar 10-05-10

Columba Flamma Antidea 10-31-10

Catahoula Ailoa Desery 11-03-10

By Species

Ailoa ** Alunas ** Arathlial ** Asids ** Beorfin ** Blazemounts ** Brightlings ** Celeste Cats ** Cracklings ** Demonhounds ** Dragons ** Ebbiks ** Familiars ** Firelizards ** Fisi ** Flamma ** Foofi ** Gryphettes ** Gryphons ** Hippogryphs ** Hyards ** Ialroaine ** Ikal'daka ** Kachir ** Kanbi ** Kyae ** Llanorte ** Nogards ** Pegasi ** Phoenixes ** Powlets ** Prezzies ** Psyders ** Pyokith ** Reijen ** Requiae ** Rsphinxes ** Sceltyr ** Seedmorphs ** Seraphelines ** Serpens ** Shadowguards ** Shamries ** Sirens ** Sukeys ** Tokus ** Unicorns ** Watch-Whers ** Xys

People of the Past

USS Synapta

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